Time to

Get that Book Out of Your Head 

& into the World

If writing a book is on your bucket list...

But it's always slipping down to the bottom...

Because who has the time? 

And where would you even start?

Then you are going to love this...

I know the pull to write... to publish... to 'author'....

To share your message and have your words

Make a Difference

I also know the feeling of overwhelm that accompanies that thought...

It sneaks right in after you think: "I'd love to write a book!"...

It comes smack on the heels of someone telling you: 

"You should write a book about that!"

It's that old feeling of blech... a sort of sad, dissatisfaction that creeps in...

When you know, in your heart, it ain't NEVER going to happen.

It's not like there will ever be a day when you will suddenly, miraculously have the time.

That's not how life works. 

There is always something more pressing, more urgent...

And so that need to connect... 

To share... 

To serve...

Is put aside.

Until... until... until never...

It doesn't have to be that way...
Here's the thing:

"Creation Loves Speed"

Sitting on an idea, waiting.. waiting.... for that rainy day (that never comes)

When you think you will finally take it out, dust it off... breathe life into it...

But stagnation of energy doesn't go well with the burning passion of creativity.

Creation needs action, even imperfect action, to sustain that flame

and do justice to the message that is welling up, screaming to get out.

If I had waited until I felt ready to write a book - it would never have happened...

Because just like having a child; you're never really ready...

There is never a 'perfect' time.

There is only NOW... when your idea is fresh, ripe,

Energised and expectant.

Taking fast action on your ideas allows you to

Harness the Powerful Energy of Inspiration

It guides you, propelling your creation forward...

I know this... I've tried both sides of this equation.

I've been lost in perfectionism and procrastination,

waiting for the perfect time, waiting for my slate to be clear...

And losing my momentum, my passion, even my way...

And I have also taken cliff-jumping, blind-faith, massive & imperfect action.

I think you can guess which one got me to publish 7 books...

Knowing this, knowing how others like me are caught under the weight of

'not quite ready'...

I was Inspired to Create a Solution... 

That solution is: 


Have you ever done a weekend retreat?

A yoga retreat, or meditation?

Where you get to leave your every-day life behind and deep dive into YOU...

That is how this Book-in-a-Weekend will be!

With sessions each day that build upon each other...

That take you through the steps you need to get started...

That will give your writing structure and cohesion...

And to make sure you begin, middle AND end with clear outcomes...

It's All About Taking Action...

(and for writers that sometimes involves wearing pyjamas)

I'm talking about the kind of action that will mean that you will create a book -


Not only is it possible, but using this system it will be positively pleasurable...

And you even get to chose when you to do it...

We kick off on Feb 23rd but you can pick any weekend that suits you..

Maybe Easter works better - fine! Start the program then.

Or perhaps, instead of instead of the intensive weekend format,

You prefer to spread it out over a week.

It’s up to you!

The outcome remains the same no matter what time you wish to allocate.

So who am I & what do I know about all of this?

Hey, I'm Kylie...

And first and foremost... I write!!!


I wrote and self published 3 non-fiction books so far...

Which have all been bestsellers and continue to sell every day - month after month, year after year.

I have reached 1000's with MY message of health and healing (because that's my passion - it's what I write about)

And I also mentor and coach other authors to manifest their message into a book.

I love to coach and have worked with 100's of business owners, entrepreneurs and authors to support them to uncover and step into the best version of themselves...

As an author coach I bring my expertise in self-publishing to bear, so I not only help with the mindset, but also with the more technical aspects of self-publishing..

It's a complete package!

So, What Will it Look Like?

(How will Book-in-a-Weekend unfold?)

Before you begin, I will be in touch to let you know everything that you need to prepare..

This will include a basic menu, the ideal physical set-up and any software, paraphernalia, links, or contacts you may need...

(so that nothing distracts you from the business at hand!)

Each days sessions are delivered to you on that day. 

 Each session builds upon the one before it,

Culminating in your completed work.

So that you know exactly the right things you need to focus at any time, 

You will also get your 'between session wellness routines'.

(Yes! We'll be taking care of ALL aspects of your writing journey!)

Among other things we will go through - 

Methods of speed creating that will double or triple your output

Knowing how to connect directly with your ideal reader

Outlining and MindMapping

Book Intro & Description masterclasses  (for marketing purposes)

The meat & Potatoes

or if you prefer - the veggie curry & rice...

Friday Night session

Start with crystal clarity

Saturday morning Session

Techniques to maximize output

Saturday afternoon session 

Leveraging momentum

Saturday evening session 

Assessment & update

Sunday Morning session

Get ready to hit publish

sunday afternoon session

Finalize chapters

Sunday evening session

Final draft process


you also get between Session wellness support

(because after all, I am a healer & I can't resit)

Including wellness routines that I personally use:

Self-Massage techniques

Trigger point treatment for Writers wrists

Stretch routine to energise body & mind

Writers Retreat Meal plan

and more...

What's in the Box & what's the Investment?

(this is where it get's interesting)

Recap of what you get:

Session Outlines for Friday Night - Sunday Night (value $897)

Wellness Routines to keep your body happy while you work (value $357)

Writing Affirmations to set you up for success (value $99) 

Mini Mindset Practices to keep you mentally on track (value $99)

Writer's (brain food) Meal Plan (including alll the snacks) (value $47)


BONUS 1 - OneNote Author Software training (value $147)

BONUS 2 - Mind Mapping for Authors training (value $147)

BONUS 3 - Opt-in Offers for Authors Masterclass (value $197)


FAST ACTION BONUS - 1st 10 to sign up: 1 on 1 coaching session with Kylie (ask all your questions and get feedback on all your ideas. You can schedule your coaching session anytime within the next 2 months)


I could easily put this course at $2000 - (I've seen others at around that price)

And as a fast-track to becoming an author, you will have a real, tangible end product - so at that price it would be a pretty good deal...

But I want to make it super affordable...

That's why I have priced this at the low investment of $497


If you jump in now... ... well it gets even better...

Early Bird Price (before 21st Feb) & get it for just $444

When you sign up you immediately get access to all the bonuses.

You will have access to the daily sessions and wellness routines from Feb 23rd

Because Writing was meant to be easy

And Creating was meant to be fun

Because your message was meant to be heard

And if not now then when?

Starts Feb 23rd 2018

Early Bird Special goes away in - 


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