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Your Non-Fiction Author Journey Made Easy - even if you don't have a marketing bone in your body and the thought of selling leaves you in a cold sweat

5 Day Bootcamp to take your writer's butt from pancake-flat & under-performing to a booty that is bountiful and boootiful

You want to write a book... but where to start?

* How do you come up with an idea? 

* How do you  know if that idea is any good? 

* How much will it cost? 

* Will your book sell? 

* How much time will it take?

You have questions? I have answers!

Get that book out of your head & into the world...

Praise for The Author Whisperer courses...

Taya Micola
Bestselling Author - When LIfe Sucks

Constantly refer back to the lessons

”Because of Book Launch Boot Camp I can now say that I am a 'Best Selling Author'. I simply could not have had the traction I had with my launch team and the confidence to hit 'publish' without it. Throughout my launch period I constantly referred back to the lessons. Because of the insights, advice and sage wisdom I was able to connect with my launch team on a deeply engaged level. I am forever grateful for all Kylie's support and cannot thank her enough!”

A practical, proven way

“Kylie has put together a practical, proven way to successfully promote your book using a launch team. Great tips and tools that save you time, headaches and give your book the helping hand it needs to be successful..”

Barry Watson
Bestselling Author - Relationship Rehab & Sell With Confidence
Julie Schooler
Bestselling Author - Boys And Books

Jam-packed with awesome tips and tricks

“The course was fun, to the point and filled with humour. It was jam-packed with awesome tips and tricks to make it in the new world of book publishing today..”

Best-selling author and book coach Kylie Ansett has worked with dozens of budding authors to help them write, publish and market their non-fiction books.

"I love the freedom being an indie author gives me. I am in charge - and with the right information I will usually do a better job than a publicist or publisher."

If you dream of becoming an author, or if you have written a book and want to know how to market it sell more copies,  check out the courses on offer or book in for a 1 on 1 coaching call.​